Daniel Fosco

I'm a senior product designer leading teams and systems that enable people to work, create and collaborate online.

My recent work is focused on developer experience, payments platforms and design systems.


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Building the developer experience @ Booking.com

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Living in Amsterdam

Recent Work

Developer Experience

Working at Booking.com, I lead the design of developer tools for deployments, virtualization, reliability, databases, monitoring, and more.

My process included the entire design and development flow: defining scope with product managers, running user research and discovery sessions, designing screens & flows, and collaborating with engineers on implementation.

I also worked on the department level to improve research, usability and navigation across all developer products, collaborating with multiple teams in the process.

Daniel is a definition of overachiever. He is a UX researcher, Product Manager, Stakeholder manager and Designer = all in one.

He loves what he does, and it shows - the energy and love he gives products he builds is infectious. He never leaves things as he found them: from design process, in-depth research or feature improvement ideas.

Maria Scerbikova – Group Product Manager
Screenshots showing Deployments and Developer Console projects
Developer Experience

UX Research Practice

A lot of my time in the Developer Experience track was dedicated to make research and discovery first-class citizens on every project I worked on.

Conducting user and stakeholder interviews, usability tests, surveys and discovery workshops was the bread and butter of my research work.

To make sure research results would actualy impact the projects, we invited developers into sessions, communicated results to the community and held open-sessions where any team could come to us for guidance and design help.

Document with blurred summary of Roadmap Workshop Document with blurred summary of Product Discovery Workshop Document with blurred summary of Stakeholder Interviews Document with blurred summary of Usability Testing
Developer Experience

Developer Console

Developer Console is a structured directory of all developer tools at Booking. It was created to improve discovery and navigation across tools, while also improving usability horizontally.

The project was backed by extensive user research, and designed in a way it could be integrated in any existing tool by its owners, regardless of technical stack.

Today, the console lists 70+ tools and is integrated in 20+ clients across the company, reaching more than 95% of the developer user base.

Homepage for Developer Console Integration docs for developer console widget Slide with summary from Dev Experience design sprint Integrated Developer Console widget Example slide from dev experience design sprint
Developer Experience

VM Provisioning

The VM Provisioning Portal was a project originally designed and built in 2018, that now required an iteration to meet the needs of the new underlying infrastructure VMs were migrating to.

To match the needs of the new infrastructure, the UI was redesigned to allow users to run multiple changes to their VMs in batch, queue multiple batches, and manage their resource quotas.

To make sure the UI was kept in sync with the back-end, multiple states were designed, and the final components and behaviors were documented in detail for the development team.

Homepage for VM Provisioning UI Overview of design mockups for VM Provisioning User flow for VM Provisioning Project Planning and Delivery Doc


I've worked on multiple areas of the payments space, designing for customer interfaces, merchant products, documentation and APIs.

For Booking Payments, I designed a cross-platform rewards system and worked on payment workflows for customers.

For the VTEX commerce platform, I re-designed order management flows and screens for customers, and led the team behind a brand-new merchant documentation platform.

Screenshots for My Rewards and VTEX Help


The Help Center is the documentation product for the VTEX e-commerce platform, providing an easy way for merchants and developers to understand and integrate with the platform.

I was product designer and project lead, working from the initial project pitch & proof of concept, through design, validation and development.

The work on this project gave start to the knowledge team, today a larger team responsible for all the documentation and educational content for the platform.

See a comprehensive case study for this project.

Old version of VTEX Help Updated version of VTEX Help Old and new versions for Help Center Research summary docs (in portuguese) Category page in VTX Help Information architecture and content structure Pull Request examples on Github

Booking Rewards

Booking Rewards is a central hub to consolidate all rewards a customer can get on Booking, to better communicate status to customers and streamline the payment workflow.

The project was designed across multiple platforms: web, mobile, iOS, Android and emails. We also added rewards information to the tool used by customer service agents, so they could better resolve reward-related tickets.

Besides design and research, I also worked on the front-end implementation and collaborated with back-end developers on the API spec.

My Rewards page on desktop web
My Rewards page on mobile web
My Rewards email notification for paid reward My Rewards email notification for missing details
Summary doc for Workshop for Bank Transfer refunds User and state flow for the product

Design Systems

While working in internal tools at Booking, I expanded the design system by designing and building a set of React components and documentation specifically targeting our infrastructure developers.

More recently, I have been working closely with the core design systems team to improve the overall developer experience and documentation for the system.

Infra Components documentation and components example
Design Systems

Infra Components

As we designed and built developer tools, it quickly became clear that rebuilding similar components over and over again was innefective and introduced many inconsistencies.

To address that, we built Infra Components, a set of React components and documentation to enable developers to quickly bootstrap internal tools

Next to our front-end developer, I was responsible for designing and coding most of the components, as well as building documentation.

Infra components documentation In-browser code playground for components Example UI using infra components Another example UI using infra components


I work closely with front-end developers to deliver prototypes in HTML, CSS and Javascript. More than just designing, releasing software is part of my work.

Every now and then, I experiment with CSS animations, component systems and more. Here's some of the stuff I've worked with:

  • React
  • VueJS
  • AlpineJS
  • Sass
  • TailwindCSS
  • Tachyons
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