Hey there,

My name is Daniel Fosco, I'm a product designer & developer. I create systems for people to work, build, and collaborate online.

Currently working as Senior Product Designer at Miro, building a developer platform for the whiteboard & collaboration app loved by 50+ million users.

Before this, I worked at GitLab, Booking, VTEX, and more.

This site is an interactive whiteboard built by yours truly, take a look around!

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I work in complex technical domains to enable users and unlock product growth


Understanding user needs and designing for behaviors that lead to success


Collaborating with engineers to ship scalable systems

This site is part portfolio, part hand-crafted whiteboard, full work in progress.

To learn more about how I built it, check out this thread.

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Selected Projects

Developer Experience

Creating a developer platform for collaboration @ Miro

Working in the Miro Developer Platform , I design tools and interfaces that enable third-party developers to build apps connected to Miro.

It's a challenging role, where I design and code for a variety of surfaces: web UIs, frontend libraries, code editors, and more.

More than just building tools and onboarding developers, my job is to drive growth and help devs build a business model on top of Miro.

Winner: DevPortal Awards Winner: DevPortal Awards

Rethinking the release experience @ GitLab

Working with the GitLab Release team, I enabled developers to deploy their code to any production environment and safely make new software available to their users.

Starting from a small set of improvements, the scope grew across multiple iterations into a complete redesign of the user experience, informed by a strategy defined in collaboration with product leadership (and plenty of user research).

This project raised the bar for the Release product, allowing the team to add and improve capabilities in a scalable way: deployment approvals, code freezes, observability integration, and more.

List view for environments and deployments on GitLab
Deployment approval feature for protected environments

Design Systems

Building components and tools for developers @ Booking.com

Working in the Core Infrastructure group, my team was responsible for building developer tools to increase velocity & productivity of the Booking engineering team.

To increase the speed and scale of our efforts, we extended the existing design system and created BUI Infra Components, a library of React components and documentation to enable any developer to easily build an internal tool.

This project resulted in better consistency and usability for Booking internal tools, with infrastructure teams independently creating applications and iterating features using the components.

Example showing the documentation page for the Block component
Detail of the homepage of the library, with some description: BUI Infra Components is a UI pattern library for building internal tools at Booking. It extends the BUI-React implementation of the Booking Design System. We provide templates, components and utilities to help you get started with better UX out of the box. Development tools, back-office and admin dashboards are the most common use cases.

Onboarding documentation and example application for the library

Component structure and live component examples in the documentation
Illustration with example component structure showing Template, Page, Block and inputText components
Block showing a few rows of ActionLink components with the corresponding code underneath
Block showing TextAreawithHelper component with the corresponding code underneath
Block showing AlertNotification component with the corresponding code underneath
Introducing a React library to infrastructure engineers is a tough sell, to put it midly.
To help with that, we created starter docs for React, coupled with a React code editor in the browser.
Code editor in the browser with React code on the left and components rendered on the right
Block showing a few rows of ActionLink components with the corresponding code underneath
Block showing TextAreawithHelper component with the corresponding code underneath
A few different tools designed & built using BUI Infra
Deployments Dashboard
VM Provisioning UI
Developer Console
Database Management

Designing a Figma Library for developers @ Miro

When I joined Miro, the team already had Mirotone, an external design system in place for third-party app developers. One long-standing request remained open, however: a Figma library to help them design their apps.

Based on our internal design system, I designed additional components and documented the library to ensure ease-of-use for our developer audience.

The library also includes flows and templates with best practices, and is seamlessly embedded in the design system documentation.

After publishing on the Figma Community, thousands of developers have started projects using the Mirotone UI Components library.

The Figma library integrated directly in the design system docs

After the initial release with components, the library was updated to include app flows and best practices

For more complex setups, the flows also serve as support for the developer documentation

Component Spotlight


Leading a new documentation portal @ VTEX

VTEX is an enterprise commerce platform for retailers to sell products online and across distribution channels. Their documentation portal provides an easy way for retailers and developers to understand and integrate with the platform.

In 2017, I lead the group behind a brand new docs portal: from the initial pitch and technical PoC, through designing + building the product, and scaling the team.

The work on this project kickstarted the knowledge team and the VTEX education department, today responsible for all the documentation and educational content of the company.

Homepage for the VTEX documentation portal
Before and after for the Documentation Platform
Previous design of the documentation portal
Category page for the documentation portal
Known issues section, showing existing bugs in the platform. Page is in spanish.
Problem validation research to understand pain points and drive design decisions Research summary docs (in portuguese) Research summary docs (in portuguese) Information architecture and content modelling to enable CMS migration Information architecture and content structure Working in code to sweat the details and increase design quality Pull Request examples on Github Pull Request examples on Github

Defining the Rewards experience @ Booking.com

Working at Booking in 2018, I worked to launch the first unified rewards experience for travellers. The goal was to better communicate status to customers, streamline reward payouts and reduce customer support tickets.

The project was built across all of their customer-facing surfaces: web, mobile, iOS, Android, emails and customer-service interfaces. I worked with developers across the entire process, from API modelling to front-end development.

Coordinating the release through experimentation was a challenge since we were releasing a large iteration at once, but it had an immediate positive impact on the team's key metrics.

Overview of UIs designed across the project My Rewards page on mobile web My Rewards email notification for paid reward My Rewards email notification for missing details Design workshops and journey mapping facilited with the team Summary doc for Workshop for Bank Transfer refunds User and state flow for the product